Master, Stem Master, Mixing

Analog Mastering imprinting your music with depth and character - audio is pushed into the analog domain, artistically enhanced and captured in real time using high end converters and hardware processing from Chandler Ltd, Solid State Logic, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, Bettermaker, Elysia, Heritage Audio, Dangerous Music.  


Stem Master/


Analog Stereo Master – The final process to enhance and optimise your music with technical and artistic uses of  analog compression, eqing and limiting. Your audio is bought to life with depth and character.

Analog Stem Master - A more flexible hybrid approach to the final process to achieve the same sonic goal. Providing your song that is divided into stems (ie. Kick, Bass, All Synths, Percussion....) allows for more precise control and processing.

Analog Mix and Master - Complete mixing of all elements in balance and space of your song to achieve a professional sound. The song should be completed in arrangement and structure.


Mastering requests can be made via the form or if you have any general questions you can contact us direct on email.

Stem Master
Mix & Master